French: Tisana apple and ginger

Organic apple and ginger herbal tea, an ancient and surprising flavor, relaxing for the well-being and balance of the body. 11 sachets of biodegradable herbal teas with a gift inside a non-edible crystal therapy stone. Apples are a real wealth of well-being. It is rich in mineral salts and B vitamins, so it is good for the intestinal mucous membranes and the mouth, prevents the impoverishment of nails and hair, fights fatigue and lack of appetite. Furthermore, the fibers contained in apples help the body protect itself against external attacks. Ginger promotes digestion and improves stomach upset. Ginger also helps to relax the muscles of the gastrointestinal system by preventing the formation of gas that could cause bloating: this thanks to the carminative properties of ginger, which is also recommended in case of diarrhea caused by bacteria.