English: Extra virgin olive oil DOP Riviera Ligure and Organic
The fascinating historical story of the Cistercian monks of the Lérins islands, in front of Cannes, who are believed to be closely linked with the birth of the Principality of Seborga, has instead inspired the activity of Emanuela Rebaudengo through the oil of the Templar Monks . Through their centuries-old plants, previously cultivated by the Benedictine monks and even earlier by the Byzantines, they continued their activity by creating a special oil that confers knowledge, wisdom and taste. With a very low acidity and fruity flavor, the olives are harvested in mid-October at a height of 450 meters, giving a peculiarity to the oil that is unique in its kind. DOP Ligurian Riviera and Riviera dei Fiori recognized oil and organic certificate, among the very few oils in Italy that can boast of this certificate. A particularity, you can visit the collection places through a multisensory journey and a tasting through a video that tells the story of the olive tree.